Friday, 27 March 2015

Knitting: Why I Love My Hobby

I love knitting. I am absolutely obsessed with it. You know when you have a sort of obscure hobby that a lot of other people think you're weird for doing it? Knitting is that hobby for me. I'm not sure why people think it is so weird; we never look down on people who love to sew, embroider, craft or draw etc. so why do people always think it's weird that I knit? Is it because I am under the age of 80? I'm not sure, but I think that must have something to do with it. Why is knitting perceived as being exclusively for OAPs?

Knitting became popular during the First World War when the Allied home front were encouraged to knit socks to support the troops in the trenches. It grew even more popular during the 1930s Depression and during the Second World War. In the 50s and 60s, girls were taught to knit in school as it was thought to be a useful skill, as well as a hobby. I asked my grandma and why she started to knit, and she said that it was just what people did when she was younger. If she wanted a new jumper or a new cardigan, she knitted it herself. Now she does it purely to entertain herself (and to knit jumpers for my cute nephew). The popularity of knitting started to decline in the 1980s as people started to see it as old-fashioned and the introduction of knitting machines meant knitwear could be made at a cheaper price than the cost of buying the knitting patterns and yarn.

I now believe knitting is growing in popularity yet again. I believe that the creation of the internet and websites dedicated to knitting have helped this resurgence. You can now YouTube anything and watch a how-to video, which makes so many hobbies accessible to millions. I often use YouTube to research how to do a certain stitch, and even used a YouTube video to teach me how to knit in the first place. Buying yarn is also cheaper than it used to be; using natural fibres from animals such as alpaca and merino, and plant fibres such as cotton have helped to reduce the cost of yarn. Designers are now creating beautiful, stylish knitting patterns that you can create at home and feel that sense of pride when you try your new garment on for the first time. Knitting groups are popping up all over the country and it's starting to become a really fashionable hobby. 

I love knitting. I love staring at a pattern and having no clue what it means, but loving the feeling once it all clicks in to place. I love following a pattern and seeing it unfold before my eyes as I knit row after row. I love the relief of a row of purls after a row of knits, and vice versa. I love giving handmade presents at Christmas. I love visiting yarn shops and seeing the novelty yarns. I love running my hand over a new ball of the softest aran wool. 

What are your hobbies? Does anyone ever make funny remarks about it?

Rachael Amy

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  1. Knitting does seem to becoming a popular again; at least it is on the internet and the blogs I read. I knit too, I've not done any in a while because I've not had chance to. I really want to finish off my Harry Potter scarf which I started last year.


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