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Travel: Nyafe Melange Cat Cafe, Tokyo, Japan

As I am one of those crazy cat loving ladies, the number one thing I wanted to do in Japan was visit a cat cafe. I really miss my cats when I'm away travelling so I thought this would be a great way to get my feline fix on the other side of the world. There are plenty of cat cafes in Tokyo, as you'd expect, but I chose to visit Nyafe Melange as it was located close to where we'd been sightseeing earlier in the day and had a list of all the cats online so I could research their names.
tokyo cat cafe 2
tokyo cat cafe 3
We used Google Maps to track down Nyafe Melange, but we still couldn't find it. It's a good idea to point out that it is on the 3rd floor of a tall building so you can't see it from ground level. It is situated right next to a shop that sells cat ornaments and basically just cat themed everything, so ask in there and they will point you in the right direction.

When you enter Nyafe Melange, you're in a sort of reception area with a toilet, a desk, some cat merchandise and a cloakroom. Here you can buy either 1 hour (1,000 yen) or 1.5 hour (1,500 yen). We chose 1 hour as we'd planned to pay the Golden Gai a visit that evening. We also ordered some apple iced tea and a latte (it is a cafe after all). After we washed our hands and put our bags and coats in to a locker, we were ready to meet the cats!
tokyo cat cafe
tokyo cat cafe 1
When we entered there were about 4 other people in the room playing with the cats. One cat had even cuddled up to one couple! Most of the cats were asleep, but some of them were wide awake watching what us humans were doing. The cafe provides toys and brushes for you to try and play and groom the cats. I did try playing with a few but they were uninterested, as cats usually are. You could also buy little nibbles to feed the cats with but we decided not to buy any of those. I did try to stroke a few cats but I don't think they were impressed with this strange woman touching them!

The best moment was feeding time, when the owner brought out lots of dishes for them. They all ran up to her to make sure they didn't miss out on their dinner. It was like feeding time at a farm or something. As we were about to leave, a regular customer arrived and the cats were jumping all over her and wanting attention from her - it was so cute! If I lived in Tokyo I would definitely spend all my free time in one of these cafes.

We enjoyed our relaxed time here. The drinks were good and there was free WiFi (a rarity in Japan) - plus we were surrounded by some of the fluffiest and cutest cats! I wish they were a little friendlier and wanted attention from me but that's just cats for you.

You can find Nyafe Melange at: 1-7-13 Ebisu | 3F Hitoshi BuildingShibuya 150-0013Tokyo Prefecture

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  1. So lovely, I've never been to a proper cat café in japan but have been to tons in other places. Maybe on my next visit I will check this place out :-)

    { }

    1. Awww cute! I'd love to visit more cat cafes! :)

  2. I do adore a good cat, but if there are too many around my eyes & nose will let me know. Such a shame because if I ever visit Tokyo (fingers crossed!) I would have been sure to pop in! It looks like you were in your element though... glad you had a good time and thank you for sharing this with us :)

    Danika x

    1. I'm allergic to cats but had no problems here as I didn't really get too close! Thank you for commenting x

  3. So cute! I've never been to a cat cafe, although they've opened one in my city a few months ago (tbh it doesn't look that cozy and there were only one or two cats on the photos from their website). So for now I'll just play and cuddle with my own cat. <3

    1. Cuddling your own cat is definitely the best :)


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