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Travel: Prague On Segway

Last weekend I went on a little trip around Europe. On this trip I visited Prague in the Czech Republic. We'd planned this trip for Bobby's 27th birthday and to celebrate, I'd planned a few little activities for us. One of the activities was a morning Segway tour of Prague with the company Prague On Segway.
prague on segway
Bob has wanted to try a Segway for absolutely ages so I booked a little tour for us as a surprise. I chose Prague On Segway as they were the highest rated Segway tour on TripAdvisor and each tour is for just 2 people - so it's really personal. I also chose the morning tour as Prague does get really busy towards midday as it's such a tourist hotspot, plus the morning tour was cheaper (45€ per person) and it would mean we still had time for a free walking tour.

The Segway tour was meant to start at 8am, but we actually got there half an hour late! (A combination of getting up a little later than planned and not realising how far away the office was). I felt so bad, and we were rushing to get there but our guide phoned me (I'd given them my contact details) and she assured me we'd still get to go out on the Segways. When we finally arrived, our guide Radka sat us down and asked us where we'd like to go. As we'd already explored the east side of Prague, we planned to go out and see the Old Town and the castle as well as Segway through some fun park land.
prague on segway 3
When we'd signed some forms explaining safety on the Segways, we were ready for a little lesson! I went first and I was really nervous. Stepping on to a Segway is scary as you think you're going to fall over, but if you try and stay still and balance you're really secure. Radka then asked me to lean forwards so I could practice going up and down a little path and I actually found it really difficult at first - I just thought I was going to fall off. I kept having little wobbles and trying to grab on to her hand but she kept telling me to just hold on to the Segway. It's so easy to manoeuvre a Segway, any slight movement and it will go where you want. You just have to practice a little to know how much pressure to put on the front or the back. After going up and down the little path a few times, I felt ready but still unsure on the going downhill bit. It was Bob's turn next, and of course he was a natural!

When we were all ready and confident, we started on the tour. Radka had loads of great facts and interesting knowledge and she was so friendly. I felt I learnt a lot about Prague on this tour! We ended up being out on the Segways for 1.5 hours so we didn't really lose any time because of being late. Radka even took lots of photos of me and Bob together and took a really funny video of us on my phone, too. She made me feel really comfortable on the Segway despite being terrified at first.
prague on segway 1
I honestly can't recommend this Segway tour enough. If you're in Old Town Square and you see people trying to get you to go on a Segway tour, ignore them and book with Prague On Segway. It was fantastic and well worth the money. This is our favourite memory from our time in Prague and it was all thanks to Radka. Now, when will the UK let us use these on the streets?!

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  1. I have always wanted to go on a Segway! This sounds like such an amazing way to get around and explore a city.

    I would love to see Segways in the UK!

  2. I didn't know they were called Segways until now. I saw a lot of them in Vienna. Prague is a great place.

  3. This looks so fun and Prague looks great. I will be adding this to my places to visit.



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